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Programs for corporate executives and business leaders looking for innovation within their industry

Built by executives for executives, management and business owners. Whether you're interested in understanding and identifying blockchain opportunities or operating in an increasingly challenging and competitive  marketplace, blockchain technology provides leading strategies for new business models and further optimizing existing ones.

"I would recommend this course to anyone in my organization. Not just board members, but my executive team too." - CEO and Director, Construction and Leasing

"Before coming here, I wasn't sure what blockchain was, now I understand where it can make a difference in my business." - Board of Directors, Oil and Gas

"Really enjoyed the applied theory and real life examples. This was tangible and very comprehensive."- VP, Energy

"TerraHub was able to take something really abstract and confusing and make it real and easy to understand." - CEO, Banking

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Looking to upgrade your skills and re-enter the job market in a highly sought-after profession?

Are you an accountant? Procurement or supply chain professional? Process Engineer? Lawyer? Auditor? Chemist? Warehouse operations manager? Logistics coordinator? Blockchain education can augment your existing profession and experience and help you find the next job.