From hype to happening

Co-creating value for enterprises, with disruptive technology products



Who is TerraHub

TerraHub has been working with government, post-secondary institutions and startups to help determine the most impactful type of businesses that Calgary and Alberta need. Dan has brought together key community stakeholders to collaborate on teaching and launching blockchain technology to use it as a tool in attracting business investment in Calgary.
— Mary Moran, CEO Calgary Economic Development

Enterprises and Startups are feeling the direct, indirect and unforeseen impacts of emerging technologies on the bottom line, yet unsure where to get educated, examine opportunities and execute production ready software under the guidance of reputable product builders.
Going From Hype to Happening: we exist to help turn the world’s most  compelling Blockchain and Machine Learning ideas into transformative business applications through our Collaboration Lab experience. We educate, we prototype and we build.

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The West Collaboration Lab

Are you a startup or enterprise looking to leverage blockchain or ML? The TerraHub lab provides education programs, connections to local technical talent and business resources. Our events and roundtables are a rich source for connecting with peers and co-creating value for your own project. Applications now open!

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Education and Human Capital

Are you a recruiter looking to source a team for your customer? TerraHub can help with the interview process, qualification of candidates and sourcing of blockchain and ML certified talent.

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Products and Prototypes

Are you a company looking to start a custom project? Start with a 2 Week Alpha, an onsite workshop where your team can gain better understanding of blockchain, ML, IoT and  build a working prototype (no technical skill required).


"After taking the TerraHub CTO course, our team was quick to determine the right solution for our business.”

VP Product, Supply Chain Software



Working across all industries.

The TerraHub team has deep domain knowledge and specializes in the following industries. We look at risk and opportunity in company operations and supply chain that can be remedied through industrial blockchain technology and machine learning.