Making Blockchain and AI Accessible

From hype to happening

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The 2 Week Alpha 

What is the 2 week alpha? It is a custom prototype, that includes private blockchain to start, and can grow by adding other technologies, such as machine learning, over time. Are you considering blockchain for your business but not sure what it looks like and where to start? The 2 Week Alpha was designed to give you a custom, tangible product for you and your team to interact with.

We created a simple way to experience blockchain without the complexity and the cost associated with full scale projects. We can run the Alpha completely independent of your existing systems and allow your business and technical team to practice - risk free.


Enterprise Solutions

Once satisfied with your Alpha results, an Enterprise Solution is the full-scale product we can build or license for your company. These solutions include technical architecture, a hybrid team, connecting a blockchain network to your existing systems, data governance and storage, security, change management and rollout support.

We like to say that blockchain products are never 100% just blockchain, they are more powerful when combined with IoT, machine learning and your existing software and apps. An Enterprise Solution will look at which technologies should come together to produce transformative results for your business.

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Ongoing Support

As these technologies grow, our team will continue to help bring the newest updates and support to your team.