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Blockchain for Business: consulting, software development, education and business acceleration



Accelerate and optimize global economy through the rapid development of blockchain technology.


At TerraHub, our vision is to turn the world’s most compelling blockchain ideas into transformative business applications through education, training and development. We're building a blockchain ecosystem; a place where companies and individuals can learn about blockchain, build blockchain-based products and gain access to funding, mentors and investors. Join the movement and get started with blockchain today.

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The West
Discovery Centre

Are you a blockchain startup looking to grow your team or get funded?  The TerraHub discovery centre provides working space, startup programs, business resources and access to investors. Applications now open!

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Education and
Human Capital

Are you a recruiter looking to source a team for your customer? TerraHub can help with the interview process, qualification of candidates and sourcing of blockchain certified talent.

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Consulting and
Project Delivery

Are you a company looking to start a project? Start with a 2 Week Alpha, an onsite workshop where your team can gain better understanding of blockchain and  build a working prototype (no technical skill required).


"After taking the TerraHub CTO course, our team was quick to determine the right solution for our business.”

VP Product, Supply Chain Software



Working across all industries.


The TerraHub team has deep domain knowledge and specializes in the following industries. We look at risk and opportunity in company operations and supply chain that can be remedied through industrial blockchain technology.